Thursday, August 20, 2009

Walk the Talk: Service Project on Sunday, August 30th

Atwater Village resident Cole M. walks and rolls in last year's Shane's Inspiration 10k

Please join us for the
Shane’s Inspiration 10k Walk n’ Roll in Griffith Park
Sunday August 30th 7:45a – 12n
Shane’s Inspiration Playground
4800 Crystal Springs Drive
Follow the signs to the Merry-Go-Round and park in Lot #3.
*** Meet fellow HVC’ers at the main registration desk at 7:45am ***

It’s time to walk our talk — literally — with our August service project. The HVC will be walking and rolling (on foot, in wheelchairs, walkers, strollers) to help raise money for the important mission of Shane’s Inspiration. This is a very family-friendly event, so please bring the kids!!

Shane’s Inspiration builds universally accessible playgrounds so that kids with disabilities can play side-by-side with typically-abled kids. Their mission is to create playgrounds and educational programs that integrate children of all abilities socially, physically and emotionally, fostering acceptance, friendship and understanding. If any kids you know have ever played on their playgrounds, you’ll know it’s a mission worth supporting!

It’s easy to participate:

1. Fill out the FREE online registration form and be sure to put down that your team is HYPERION VOLUNTEER CORPS. Here’s the link:

2. Collect sponsorships 2 easy ways:
  • use the attached form and bring it with you the morning of the walk n’roll WITH THE PLEDGED MONEY (checks payable to Shane’s Inspiration)
  • OR, get secure online pledges & payment by signing up at

3. Read the attached Team Member info for what to bring, wear, etc.

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to e-mail or call me.
I’ll have my cell phone on me the day of the event in case you can’t find us.

Looking forward to seeing you there and thanks for all you do!

Keep shining a light,

Judy Korin
Hyperion Volunteer Corps Project Leader
hyperionvolunteers (at) gmail (dot) com

Friday, August 7, 2009

HVC Outreach Event a Success!

To see the rest of the photos from this great event please click here.

From our Project Leader, Karla,

The Atwater Village "Summer Nights on the Blvd." event went extremely well. It was a beautiful community building event. There are two more nights like this planned by our Chamber of Commerce, for the third Thursday of August and September. Maybe we will have a booth on those nights as well (to be discussed at our next meeting). Susie, Tara, Melissa and I setup a booth with information about the Hyperion Volunteer Corps. It was our first very public venue, where we attempted to gain new membership and increase awareness for our mission and involvement in our future service events. Thanks to Judy, who wasn't able to attend, but somehow was miraculously able to get posters, T-shirts, water bottle labels, and one-sheet flyers all printed with our new logo that she created. Thanks so much Judy!

We not only focused on promoting our HVC, we received 33 new interested names of individuals who are interested in becoming a part of the HVC. Welcome! We also handed out information concerning Obama's Healthcare Reform Plan. We collected 44 signatures of support. I have written to Senator Diane Feinstein, Senator Barbara Boxer and Congressman Adam Schiff, to encourage them to support Obama and vote for his three point plan. Reduce rising healthcare costs, allow all patients a choice in their own coverage and their own doctor, and quality care for all, by the end of this year. We desperately need quality healthcare for all Americans!

Regardless, of our small numbers, the Hyperion Volunteer Corps mission and passion for change is mighty and ever growing. Thanks to all of you and our families who encourage and inspire us to be the change that we seek.

If not now, when?
If not me, then who?

Karla Crespi-Funderburk